BACCH-SP Reactions | Media and Other Press

"Most Coveted Product" of AXPONA 2022

- Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound

Best Product of the Year (2019) in the category of "Pioneering Design Achievement" -- Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH-SP adio 3D sound processor, by Howard Kneller (SoundStage! Ultra, November 2019): “The adio didn’t bring only the performers into my listening room -- it brought their recording venues as well.”

- SoundStage! HiFi

... the result was vastly more reverberation, sonic fullness, and immersion in the music and what seemed to be its original soundfield than I have ever experienced from a standard stereo system.

- Howard Kneller, SoundStage! ULTRA

As the orchestra begins to play...then the clarinets kick in. I'm able to pinpoint each and every one of them spatially. My mouth drops. It's not just that the violins are to my centre left but that behind them, I can hear the harpsichord and in front of them, I can hear the violins. The sections are so precisely located, I feel like I could get up and walk between them. … I can't imagine listening to music again without one. As solutions go, this one seems pretty ultimate.

- Warren Singh-Bartlett, Bespoke Magazine

Particularly with respect to imaging, the BACCH-SP technology may represent the future of stereo performance. It also presents previously unimaginable possibilities...I want one now, too.

- Howard Kneller, SoundStage! Global

Now that I've experienced BACCH in-barn, I would say that the BACCH4Mac 3D Audio Playback System is ground-breaking technology...BACCH 3D breaks more ground than any digital technology I've encountered.

- Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream

Everyone I know who’s heard the BACCH-SP system has thought that it was, by far, the most realistic sound they’d ever heard from a home audio system.

- Brent Butterworth, SoundStage! Xperience

I think there’s no other system I’ve heard that even comes close to offering the kind of realism the BACCH-SP system delivers.

- Brent Butterworth, SoundStage! GLOBAL

I'm here to say that if/when people hear [the BACCH-SP], they will be BLOWN AWAY.

- Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream

I heard a spatial presentation that was indistinguishable from real life ... This is truly a breakthrough technology.

- Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief, The Absolute Sound

Dr. Choueiri's audio research focuses on the experience of recorded sound as a fully three-dimensional experience. When Dr. Choueiri gets you in his listening room ... prepare to be amazed.

- Herb Reichert, Stereophile

This is no hat trick; it's true 3-D audio that can literally put a whisper in your ear.

- Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound

Not only did the soundstage now wrap almost to my sides and was not affected by my moving my head from side to side and back and forth, what I found most convincing was that the ambience, the reverberation on the recordings, was now a stable, solid halo around the performers, just as it is in reality.

- John Atkinson, Editor-in-Chief, Stereophile

It was a top act of this year’s High-End Show: Professor Edgar Y. Choueiri presented his 3D Sound Technology and left our colleague, Matthias Boede [Editor-in-Chief of Stereo Magazine], in awe.

- Matthias Boede, Editor-in-Chief, Stereo Magazine

The BACCH-SP, a digital-audio processor introduced earlier this year, re-creates sonic landscapes with uncanny realism. Throw some jazz on your home stereo, and you'll hear each musician from exactly where they stood when the performance was captured.

- Michael Hsu, The Wall Street Journal

Now, binaural delivered through headphones is extraordinary, but without them, it is otherworldly. I can only describe it as like being in an audio hologram. It can plant a whisper in your ear as if there's a ghost in the room. Mr Choueiri's invention can even conjure up mild binaural effects from old, non-binaural recordings. Listening to some Beatles tracks was like being at Abbey Road Studios, with John, Paul, George and Ringo all around you. Layers of information no one knew were there have seemingly lurked on some recordings for decades.

- John Margolis, Financial Times

Choueiri's system can produce remarkable effects from ordinary speakers: the sound of a fly buzzing in a circle around your head; the sensation of someone walking toward you and then whispering in your ear.

- Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker

I was treated to a demonstration in Professor Choueiri's lab in Princeton, so I can tell you it really works. The professor played a variety of commercial classical and rock recordings ... The sound spread to the full width of the room, and projected sound forward ... Professor Choueiri's 3D claim is no hype; Pure Stereo sounds amazing.

- Steve Guttenberg, CNET

My experience, ears, judgment, and research convince me that Edgar Choueiri's 3D audio algorithms and playback system represent a dramatic improvement in the spatial realism and virtual sound-staging of stereo.

- Hal Espen, The Atlantic

The effect is like a spooky hifi hologram: shockingly real.

- Jonathan Margolis, How to Spend It, Financial Times

The room transformed into an intimate live music venue and the soundscape was vivid ... If only for a few split seconds, my brain was tricked into believing the performance was actually live, and not recorded.

- Mona Lalwani, The Verge

The effect of this demo was immediately convincing ... It was, without question, the most lifelike and compelling presentation of stereo sound I've ever heard.

- Brent Butterworth, SoundStage! GLOBAL

What I heard was astonishing. The soundstage wrapped around me about 180 degrees, and the press-images within it were shockingly precise. With one recording that contained plenty of hall ambience, the sense of spaciousness was such that I felt as if I'd been transported to the huge space in which the performance was evidently recorded. It was breathtaking.

- Doug Schneider, SoundStage! HI-FI

The sound I heard was unlike anything else at [High End Munich 2016]. It's incredibly immersive ... I heard Led Zeppelin and it sounded awesome in 3D.

- The Computer Audiophile

In each case, the 3D-ness of the presentation was absolutely startling. The presentation literally dissolved both the speakers and room ... the natural reverb and decay into the space of the recording was simply astonishing.

- Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream

The initial burst was nothing short of revelatory, the speakers truly disappearing to a point where it was impossible to localise them ... Sound quality did not suffer one iota: this was all about reproducing an authentic soundfield, which it achieved in spades.

- Ken Kessler, SoundStage! HI-FI

When you experience the full effect of Dr. Choueiri's engineering, you will see the future and know that it is now. This 3-D audio is very close to what we all experience walking around or going to a concert – in the real world.

- Herb Reichert, The Audio Buzz

Yes, the room wins my award for the very best imaging ... this room easily achieved the most transparent, 3D imaging that was completely free from the physical limitations of the loudspeaker positioning ... I am so in awe of the BACCH-SP device that I forgot the details of the remainder of the room.

- Steven Rochlin, Enjoy the