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Recent Awards

This is likely one of the few major technological shifts in audio in the last 25 years.

- Tom Martin, Chief Content Officer, The Absolute Sound. From his detailed review of BACCH4Mac, January 2024.

I experienced some of the most natural three-dimension sound I've ever experienced. The only time I heard anything like it during my time in Munich [2023] was [...] when I enjoyed [The Bavarian State Opera's] production of Verdi's Aida from a prime seat in row 13 of the orchestra..

- Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile ., May 24, 2023

Best Product of the Year 2022

(Technology Breakthrough)

- The Absolute Sound., January 2023

"Best Demo" of Capital AudioFest 2022

- Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound., November 2022